vibo, intelligence business platform and digital service. Provide business services, business socializing (BizCard, contacts, instant messaging, vibo zone) and digital services (distribution management system, card and voucher pick-up system, QRcode).

vibo software and digital service:

vibo CRM (Customer Relationship Management System), based on vibo platform, we provide businesses with services such as business opportunity follow-up, transaction promotion, customer management, and order (contract) management. vibo CRM basic, simple CRM. vibo CRM cb, Cross-Border CRM.

vibo QRcode, QRcode Applications, One Product One Code.

vibo BizCard, base on vibo platform, provide digital business card service.

vibo DMS (Distribution Management System), base on vibo platform, provides manufacturers with digital services for channel (distribution, agency) expansion and management.

vibo CDS (Card and Voucher Pick-up System), supports gift certificates, gift cards, and pickup cards, suitable for picking up seafood, fruits, food, agricultural products, etc.

vibo ACS, Product authentication and anti-counterfeiting. Suitable for anti-counterfeiting protection of various goods (including import and export goods), welcome enterprises to use.

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